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If you came to Alien Enclosures today for trunk fixtures, most likely they will go in the back of your car, where your trunk is. However, select vehicles once had, or in some cases, still have trunks at the front of the car while the engine was found in the back.

Car engines were moved to the front of cars because having in them in the back posed safety hazards, like the increased ability to spin out. Since then, car engines are mainly found at the front of the vehicle with the trunk at the back.

Here are the most well-known or interesting cars with trunks in the front:

  • The Corvair, produced from 1959-1964, is a portmanteau of Corvette and Bel-Air. The Corvair was a remarkably small car for its time.
  • The Volkswagen Beetle, nicknamed the ‘people’s car,’ is maybe the most recognizable car with a trunk in the front. Just like early Porsches, the Beetle was originally air-cooled so they did not need a radiator.
  • Speaking of Porsches, the Porsche 911 was often modified for racing purposes and was one of the most successful competition cars.
  • The Tucker 48 was sometimes called the ‘Tucker Torpedo.’ Although the Tucker 48 was widely adored, it was never mass produced due to the inventor’s financial and legal discrepancies.
  • The Tesla Model S, a modern car, also has a front trunk, which Tesla has dubbed a “frunk.” Because of the shape of the frunk, the engine had to be stored in the back. This also allows for crumple-room and more storage space. The Tesla Model S is an electric car with small motors tucked low between the wheels.
  • Many modern mid-engine cars, usually sports cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis, have trunks in the front for safety reasons, specifically for cooling the radiator.

The car trunk has had a long and varied history with these particular vehicles and more. If you own a muscle car today, it probably comes without carpeting or upholstery. Alien Enclosures offers you options to add upholstery to your classic car trunk, whether it be in the front or back of your car.

Photo by DVS1mn

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