trunk kits season

Christmas is only just around the corner. Most of us have already put the lights and the tree. In a couple of weeks, we’ll start putting clean up off until January is half over. It’s not that we’re lazy; it’s just the holidays have us looking and feeling great.

With COVID-19, the world is in need of some extra holiday spirit, so Alien Enclosures is getting festive this December. We’ve put together some of our best customer’s holiday-themed trunk kits that stay merry all year-round.  

Darin’s Red 1968 SS

Jim Taylor’s Silver 1969 Camaro

Alex’s Green 1968 Camaro

Bob’s Deep Green 1971 Chevelle

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We are always innovating and producing designs for trunk panels, package trays and deck lid covers. Lots of time, effort and costs are involved, so if you would like us to consider producing a kit for a particular model, please fill out the form below and follow our website and Facebook for the latest updates.