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There are a lot of classic car blogs out there and a lot of people that take pride in their classic cars. At Alien Enclosures, we take pride in helping you put the finishing touches on your Chevelle, Camaro, Firebird, Monte Carlo and Cutlass’. Whether it’s “vintage” “classic” or “antique,” all over the world people are passionate about their cars. We pay attention to what is going on out there in the blogosphere, so we thought we’d compile a little list of some of our top classic car blogs and why we love them. This list encompasses classic auto sports, collection, motorcycles and most importantly, providing a wide variety of content on a regular basis. We wanted to provide you with a good sampling of people who have a little bit of everything to offer.


Aesthetic is the number one word to describe Petrolicious. If you’re looking for classic auto content with a heaping side of style, then look no further this is the blog for you. They feature written and video content with both fantastic videography and literary style. Petrolicious is a blog that will keep you coming back for more, it’s bounty of information and entertainment probably one of the best auto blogs out there.

fossil cars logo

Holding a range of model specific blogs that are entirely too active, Fossil Cars main blog posts content about once a week. They feature hot rods on down to DeLoreans. Easy to read and easy to find content for your favorite classic Fossil Cars has something for everybody.

graveyard carz

The popular Velocity Show, Graveyard Carz, has a great and very personal blog. They do a fantastic job (as they should) telling stories about the cars they have worked on and the people behind them. They host giveaways and curate some great content as well as posting on almost daily basis.


The go to, in our opinion, for your vintage racing auto sports is the chicane blog. They feature some fantastic visual content and feature a wide variety of great classic races. Posting on a biweekly basis if you are an enthusiast about vintage racers from all over the globe we highly recommend checking out The Chicane.

vintage and classic car blog

One of the best smaller bloggers, Vintage and Classic Car Blog is run by one man named Isaiah.  Blogging about classic motorcycles, Ferraris, why Craigslist sucks and just a well-kept log of this man’s adventures in vintage automobiles. Posting often and with a lot of visual content, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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