Q.  Are all of your products ready to ship?

A. Normally our orders ship in 3-5 days, However we are experiencing a high volume of orders and supply chain and staffing issues as a result of Covid-19 conditions. We are doing our best to get orders out as quickly as possible. Yes, Our bare un-upholstered kits are ready to ship. We usually have them processed and ready to ship in 2-3 days.

Q. Are all of your products made from wood products?

A. Yes, we do make them all from 1/4″ Plywood, 1/2 Plywood, Solid Select Pine, and Package trays are made from MDF. We have not had an issue with any of the products so far, but your vehicle will need to be water tight. Most classic cars are garage kept and rarely see rain. We are however doing some testing of a extruded PVC board, but it isn’t into production yet.

Q. I don’t see a product for my vehicle do you do custom work or are there other cars in the plans for the future?

A. If your car is local we will definitely entertain doing a kit for it. If it is a kit that we can foresee as a highly requested part we will provide you with a kit at no charge, but if it is a low demand vehicle, there may be a (reduced) charge or not all. As far as future cars, yes we are currently working on wrapping up the 66-67 Lemans/GTO, and then the 65 Impala (In that order).

Q. How long does it take to get my items?

A. It usually takes 5-10 business days from date of order to shipping. We do our best to expedite orders, but higher volumes may delay the process. All orders taken prior to yours will take priority.

Q. Are you offering upholstered panels?

A. No, We have decided that the time used upholstering panels can take away from time we could expedite the processing of other orders, and the marketing and development of new products for other makes and models.

 Q. Why is my shipping somewhat high? 

A. The issue with shipping costs is not in our control, but the reason it may seem high , is that the weight and length of these boxes increases the cost. If you were to order a stock package tray from a parts house, it usually has to be shipped freight because of the length (not weight), and can often cost more to ship than buy. Ours are of course heavier, so that multiplies the cost. If there is ever an over payment of shipping it will be refunded. We find that we often have to eat a little of the cost, since the cost of the shipping boxes exceeds $7