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Despite all the attention and care you’ve put into a car project, it’s not uncommon to be stranded on the side of the road. Although unfortunate, classics are six times more likely to break down compared to newer models.

Since you’ll never be certain when or where something like this will occur, take the advice of our experts. We’ve asked around the warehouse and compiled a list of items your car’s trunk should never be without.

Tool Kit

All you need is a small bag that you customize based on your classic’s needs. Some no-brainers would include pliers, flat and Phillips heads, vise grips, a hammer, and an adjustable wrench. Although these days you can find pressure gauges at most gas stations (shoutout to Wawa), it’s always good to keep a portable one handy.

First-Aid Kit

Extra points go to anyone who has a first-aid kit in the back. Although hopefully, you’ll never need it for more than a papercut, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You can pick up small first aid kits at any pharmacy and they tend to not take up too much room.

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Whether you’re in the dark or under the car, flashlights are almost always necessary when doing any sort of maintenance. We personally recommend dual-purpose flashlights that can attach to surfaces and act as lanterns, so you don’t have to hold two items at once.

Fire Extinguisher

car fire with fire fighters

On par with a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher can save your life or someone else’s. We’re located in Tampa, a city known for muscle cars and classics alike. The other day, we passed a newer mustang engulfed in flames while the fire department was just arriving.

In addition to saving lives, it could save your classic. A total loss versus a minor claim is a big difference.

Rain Gear

While some people think it’s superfluous, Rolls Royce knew what it was doing when it installed umbrellas into the car’s door jam. An umbrella or a raincoat works wonders if you happen to break down. Even if it’s a simple stop to check on things, rain gear can be a major lifesaver.


man using jack on car

While most cars come with a jack, sometimes we forget to put it back into the car after using it in our garage. If you need to work on the undercarriage or change a tire, you’ll need a jack. Most portable jacks are small and do the trick. However, if you need to get completely under the car, we recommend using something sturdy.

Cleaning Kit

You can use a cleaning kit as a tool or for aesthetic purposes. During long drives, bugs, bird poop, and overall grime can get all over the car. Much of the grime can be acidic, which can make the paint on your car deteriorate over time. Plus, if you happen to spill something on the inside, it’s better to clean it up when it happens rather than later.

Garbage Bag

Keeping in line with a cleaning kit, carry a garbage bag either in the back or something small next to the center console. Carrying a trash bag, even a small one, can mitigate the chance of you leaving trash behind. It can also make it easier and quicker to clean up.


Keeping gloves handy can protect your hands from getting harmful grime on the interior as well as unnecessary burns.


As always, keep jumper cables in the car. Dead batteries happen a lot and are simply part of owning a car. In addition to jumper cables, it’s a good idea to also carry a battery terminal cleaner and battery terminal puller.

With these emergency kit options in mind, we hope your classic car will be in great shape for any upcoming car show. For more information on Alien Enclosures trunk panels, speaker panels, and more, check us out today.


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