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At Alien Enclosures, we provide classic car enthusiasts with customizable trunk panel kits, trunk lid covers, package trays and more. We continually add to our product line, so we’ve measured many customers’ cars for perfect fit, finish and function. However, over the years, we’ve discovered some unicorn decklids.

Years ago, we got a call from a customer who was certain that the measurements were off on a 68-72 Chevelle. While we know the CNC cut panels are cut exactly the same each time, there must be something else causing the issue. The customer noted that the whole bottom (hinge side) edge did not fit. So after looking at some pictures, we discovered the small bump-out in each corner causing the lower edge to extend farther than intended. The solution was to have the customer simply clear out the corners to make the panel fit.


It had been several years since this particular incident occurred. In fact, we had almost forgotten about it. Initially, we assumed the deck lid was an anomaly, or “unicorn”. Without a sample in our hands, it would be impossible to re-design the cover or make an alternative cover.

However, in the past year as our business reached more people across the country, we had a couple more of these instances show up. This meant we had to ask some questions. Was this originally a Monte Carlo lid? A Buick Lid? Perhaps it was aftermarket?

Yet, in all instances, the deck lid was original to the car. To this day we don’t have an answer to its origins or why there is a different style – especially since it is an OEM deck lid. We do know it is “rare.” It’s not necessarily more valuable, just different.


In other words, there are two different OEM deck lids for the 68-72 Chevelle (also Skylark, Monte Carlo). The most common is the one we designed our deck lid cover from. The other we consider a unicorn deck lid. It has a slight difference and we have yet to determine where/how it came into existence. The inside structural bracing of the deck lid differs from its common, well known counterpart. The most common design has a nice smooth radius, while the other rare OEM trunk lid design has a slight bump. This could be either a structural improvement or perhaps an earlier unimproved design.

So take a look at what you have, you might just have a unicorn. If you have one to sell, we might be interested!

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