mike lavallee nova

At Alien Enclosures, we offer un-upholstered custom trunk kits for the DIYer. You can customize any Alien trunk kit including cars with a battery in the back.

Although we do not offer trunk kits with the area cut out for the battery, we encourage our customers to get creative. Many of our customers already took the liberty to customize their panels to fit their car’s style. Moreover, the half-inch birchwood floor panels are easy to cut and upholster.


Kits Customized by Mike LaVallee

A great example of creative liberty using our trunk kits was an Original Air customer with a custom airbrushed Nova. The infamous Mike LaVallee airbrushed flames on both the trunk kit as well as the car’s surface. This piece goes down in the Alien Enclosure hall-of-famer’s.


Our kits include hardware packages with panels to assemble and mount the equipment to your car. Besides tools, all our kits have everything you need such as the wooden blocks, Velcro, and instructions on assembly. Each piece will be marked and identified, so you can correctly place them in the trunk.

Instructions for Battery Customization

For any DIYer who has a battery in the back, first, take the measurements of the battery. Correctly label it on the floor panel. Once you double-check your measurements, cut the wood as labeled to fit around the battery. After you ensure it fits well, upholster the rest of your panels for a sleek, classic trunk.

If you rather play it safe, you can always send the kits to a shop to get them finished professionally. Since these kits are 100% customizable, you can choose from our many fabrics or find your own.

Whatever you choose to do with these kits, know that just about anyone can customize them. All you need is some tools and some time.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?No worries. Tell us the model we should produce.

We are always innovating and producing designs for trunk panels, package trays and deck lid covers. Lots of time, effort and costs are involved, so if you would like us to consider producing a kit for a particular model, please fill out the form below and follow our website and Facebook for the latest updates.