Maximize Your Trunk Space


With spring break right around the corner and summer not far behind, road trips may be in your near future. Whether that’s a cross-country drive or a day trip to the beach, your trunk space is going to be either your best friend or your biggest enemy. Packing suitcases into your trunk like a game

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Trunks in the Front

CHENNAI – INDIA – JULY 24: Volkswagen Type 1 (Volkswagen Beetle

If you came to Alien Enclosures today for trunk fixtures, most likely they will go in the back of your car, where your trunk is. However, select vehicles once had, or in some cases, still have trunks at the front of the car while the engine was found in the back. Car engines were moved

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Top 5 Classic Car Blogs

classic car blog

There are a lot of classic car blogs out there and a lot of people that take pride in their classic cars. At Alien Enclosures, we take pride in helping you put the finishing touches on your Chevelle, Camaro, Firebird, Monte Carlo and Cutlass’. Whether it’s “vintage” “classic” or “antique,” all over the world people

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Rear Package Trays


Your rear package tray can define your car’s character. We have all seen cars with rear package trays lined with bobble heads or small stuffed animals. Some people store their collection of baseball caps on their rear package trays, or keep a blanket or jacket there to keep warm in case the temperature drops. Rear

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Spare Tire History

A flat tire might ruin your day, but the good news is it has been made a lot more convenient than it originally was. Even on a bad day, at least you do not have to remove the flat, patch, then remount the tire anymore. Spare tires have made the having a flat tire significantly

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